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A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands.

The word "manicure" comes from the Latin manus, meaning "hand," and cure meaning "care". A manicure can be a treatment for just the hands, just the nails, or both. A standard manicure usually includes filing and shaping of the nails and the application of polish, but there are also speciality manicures. Treatments for hands usually include soaking in a softening substance and application of hand lotion. A similar treatment performed on the feet is  called pedicure
Manicures often include the filing, polishing, and painting of fingernails. A manicure may also include  some nail art process the application of artificial nail tips, acrylics or artificial nail gels. Some manicures can include the painting of pictures or designs on the nails or applying small decals or imitation jewels.

Moisture Jamzz Hand and Foot Repair Kit
Moisture Jamzz Hand and Foot Repair Kit: Great personal care product for both professional and home use.
Earthly Body Manicure Miracle
Manicure Miracle eliminates roughness on your hands by exfoliating dry, scaled skin, including that hard to reach cuticle area. The oils leave your hands silky, smooth and young looking.